Is My Pastor A Good Pastor? – A Quick Litmus Test

A few thangs:
As you go about the Father’s business today, be sure to include urgent and believing prayer for your under-shepherd. That man has toiled for at least a week about how to guide a room full of people who love him, hate him, or are indifferent toward him. #LetHimEnjoyHisJob #ItsLiterallyInTheBible #Hebrews13

If your pastor has not shied away from teaching you everything that saith the Lord, remember EVERY sermon he has preached over the years when you’re critiquing this one. We know if every week we heard “in the Greek…” 50-lem times, or if every sermon included every nuance of every word in every Bible verse, you’d be complaining “church is too looong”. #NoLie #ISatThruASermonWhereThePastorPreachedOnTheWordHIM #ItWasAwesome #PastorALPattersonJr (Sidebar: if you’re not committed to any church, are you qualified to critique at all?)

If, after Sunday’s sermon, ain’t NOBODY mad at your pastor — pro/anti-abortionists, pro/anti-immigrants, pro/anti-homosexuality types, Tupac vs. Biggie types — if ain’t NOBODY mad and ready to make him a victim of cancel culture, he didn’t do it right. In the words of the great Dr. Fran Blomberg, “When truth hits the fan, a little of it gets on everybody.”

You will not change Jesus.

You will not change Him.

Jesus will change you.

Your entire being should be wrecked after an encounter with Him. He and His word should disrupt your way of life, to say the very least.

Stop reading the Bible and then saying “But…”

Published by Cheri Washington

The pastor’s wife who keeps it real, makes you laugh, then points you to Jesus.

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  1. Just good all by itself and convicting at the same time. Great reminder of the labor that goes forth in shepherding.
    It is hands down the most important job in the world so let us stop saying” that word wasn’t for me, where is my breakthrough or they didn’t play my favorite worship song”.
    Let’s get back to our first LOVE; King Jesus♥️

    Thank you Pastors and Leaders for your labor of love and for heeding to the Call.

    Thank you Cherie♥️
    Needed this.


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