Two. The number of Sears technicians it takes to screw in a lightbulb – November 1, 2020

I wish I were kidding but I am not. The little guy told the big guy,

“…and the bulb goes right into the socket right there.”

“Oh, I see. Like this?”


Historical and cultural context on how simple this should be: my husband has replaced the bulbs in that thing before. This is to be expected as bulbs burn out. That’s what they do.

Don’t let anybody tell you different, Beloved.

But I have a coupla problems here.

The first is that it took two fully-grown men to get it done who chose this trade and training and presumably carry this job out on a semi-regular basis.

The second is that when my husband replaced these same bulbs before (I didn’t even know he had done it – he just saw they were out, bought new ones, replaced them lickety-split, and I was back in business without ever even knowing I was out of business. This is our routine, by the way), but he had not chosen this trade and training to be a Sears technician, but is in fact, a preacher and pastor called by the Most High God.

There actually is a third problem here and though it is written as third, it is the primary one.

The unit is less than three years old and three bulbs of the three-lightbulb housing (if you’re counting, that = all of them), radiation-spilling (more on that later) fast food heater blew out in that amount of time. Sheesh. And my 46-year-old eyes need all the light they can get whilst I’m cooking, including the light that so shines before men. So to have nothing illuming my work on the stove was difficult.

Add to that, the door handle was broken – hence the potential radiation leak – and not through any fault of our own. The little technician clearly and plainly told me, “It’s the heat from your stove. It disintegrates the bop-dee-bops (that’s the industry term, you see) and it just wears down. You’re gonna have to replace this door again. 😐


We have what Sears refers to as a “Protection Agreement”, so the repairs were covered. Yay. But upon receiving my phone call in the middle of a work day updating him on all these foolishnesses, you can imagine my husband’s annoyance level was pret-ty high.

“Wait; what?”


“There are two men there, and one of them does not know how to screw in a bulb?!”


“Is he a Sears employee?!”

“Actually, Sears has contracted this repair to XYZ Appliance Repair.”

“I’m sorry. I asked the wrong question. Do both men work in this trade, and presumably have been trained to do so?!”

“Mm-hm. That’s what I’m gonna write in my blog post, anyway.”

He sighed. “…You got your Roscoe?”

“On my person.”

“OK. Call me if anything pops off.”

👏🏾 And 👏🏾then.

The door they sent to replace the broken one was used.

Bless it.

Sears sent me a used door, y’all, and expected me to be happy about it.

I did not meet their expectations.

The little tech called this issue in to his boss who ran the numbers and so generously decided that since a new door would cost more than just replacing the whole component, they would do that instead.

After replacing three out of three lightbulb housings, three bulbs, and a door, we netted a new microwave. Thank ya, God. 🙌🏾

I don’t know how to wrap this one up in a neat little bow. Just telling you what happened. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Published by Cheri Washington

The pastor’s wife who keeps it real, makes you laugh, then points you to Jesus.

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  1. So my sweet daughter. How blessed we are to have such competency to cause our lives to continue to move forward. It appears that common sense is something that was embraced in the old days. So as the wagon train rumbles by every now and again we can rejoice for how far we have come. Our creator continues to remind us that we can trust HIM, for all other grounds are sinking sand. Roscoe might could have put somebody out of their misery. But, I have to give grace where the evidence is clearly noticeable that grace is desperate to be given. I may have presented myself to be in that position once,🤔 maybe more, who knows. Sometimes I can see clearer where others need GRACE than when I am standing in the NEED OF PRAYERS. Yes, please pray more than once. And by no means, do not, I repeat, do not forget to add a heaping helping of MERCY!!!!
    Thank you for the opportunity and invitation to share. I love you for real,

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  2. I would like to hope and think one of the men was in the process of being trained by the other and this was part of his tagalong training?!?

    Also, bless you for still dealing with Sears. I firmly parted ways with them about six years ago.


    1. To be fair, the big one was just there to drop off a part from a previous time that a completely different and third (actually first) tech had been there. He ordered two parts; only one came. So when Biggie got there, he kinda got a crash course in lightbulb installation. 😐 Which is a thing, apparently.


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