Find an illustration more analogous to life than one from the garden. I’ll wait.

I’m smarter now that I learned these truths while gardening today:

1. If you consistently feed a houseplant with nutrients and give it water to drink, it will eventually outgrow its pot and need a bigger one.

2. If you only give a plant water – no nutrients – it may still grow, but it won’t grow to be all it was created to be.

3. Do not presume that what was needed for a plant to thrive in the previous season is all it will need to thrive in the current season.

4. It is possible for two different berries growing on the same bush to appear equally mature on the outside. The difference is the sweetness on the inside.

5. All plants need daily exposure to the sun.

6. While the affects of the sun’s light can be duplicated, they can never be replicated. The bulb in a grow light can burn out, but the sun’s rays are still effective — even on a cloudy day.

7. In the ground is the most ideal location for a plant to grow to maturity. Sunlight is evenly dispersed, nutrients are adequately taken up, and roots can grow down to find a water source in times of drought. Once you put a plant in a pot, all this work is yours.

Published by Cheri Washington

The pastor’s wife who keeps it real, makes you laugh, then points you to Jesus.

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