This is my website. Let me tell you how I see this going down, a’ight? A’ight.

Making people laugh is my calling. My calling, I say. So when you read what is written here, thou shan’t be taken off guard when you find yourself doing so. Be it a well-timed, flawlessly executed joke or one that doesn’t land (my goodness, those are the worst because now I’m having to explain to you what the joke meant and how it was funny to your no-sense-of-humor-having self), being gifted with the ability to make people giggle so hard that they cry or snort or slobber or poot is something that brings me joy.

And I do consider it one of the spiritual gifts – gastrointestinal upset notwithstanding – that Paul excluded because those Romans and Corinthians were in constant need of “grace and peace”, so he didn’t have time for the jokey-jokes.

While I expect that you will release a chortle or two, I hope you will read something here that makes you think, or maybe even changes your mind on some deeply-ingrained belief you hold (Natural deodorant is a scam. Change my mind… 🪑☕.️..after you shower then apply some Tussy or Mitchum. And Mitchum is so effective, you could skip a day; not so for that Himalayan salt stone you swiped your armpits with this morning. I love ya too much to not tell ya when ya attitude and ya underarms stank.)

Mitchum Cream Deodorant Unscented 2 Oz. Jar

But my primary goal is to make Jesus’ name famous – just so we’re clear.

Topics we’ll explore will include, but will not be limited to:
*Jesus; He’s worth the repeat
*Health, Fitness, and Why You Keeping A Bacon Grease Can 👏🏾 Filled 👏🏾With 👏🏾 Bacon Grease is Crucial To Us Developing A Long-Lasting Friendship
*Homeschooling (is hard. The end.)
*Ministry Life (inhaaaaaale; exhaaaaaale)
*Marriage/Mar-rich (see what I did there?)
*Miscellaneous (to be sorted before Jesus returns)

Now, I said “Topics we’ll explore” because I do not intend for this to be one-way communiqué. Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I hope to be so engaging *whew, chillay!* that you can’t help but respond, even when we disagree. And on that note, I’ll give you the singular rule that we all must follow whilst in this space:

Talk to me like you love me. I will talk to you like I love you.

Oh! And if (when, let’s be real) you getcho chuckle on and you think of someone else whose day would be brightened here, are you gonna hide it under a bushel? “NO!” (I heard you. 🤣) Leave a comment, then share the love and laughter with your friends and subscribe and follow my website thingy! I’m still new to this, so I’m clear on neither the language nor what happens when you do that. But I know I’m supposed to say it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Alright! That’s all for today. Talk with you soon!

P.S. If you have the pleasure of knowing my husband, the esteemed Master, soon-to-be Dr. Brandon Washington, then you know he is out of his mind over all these made up words, bad syntax, and poor grammatical choices. Just nuts. (⬅I threw that fragment sentence in just for you, Brantastic. 😉)

More, much more on him later…

Published by Cheri Washington

The pastor’s wife who keeps it real, makes you laugh, then points you to Jesus.

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